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It's an intrepid tale about people trying to find happiness in a world that's got issues bigger than they are... But then, that's the basic plot line of half the books you've ever read right? So why should you read this one?

Well, for a start, the explosions are bigger and the gods are godlier, in the way that only immortal psycopaths can be. It's a love story that will make you want to puke, while wondering if any people are ever really that dumb. It's got philosophy, psychology, theology, and balloon animals, that get what's coming to them. It might even be satire, but who can tell in the modern world, where satire sites look more like the real news every single day.

Mostly, it's just abot love. Which means it's far more twisted than any balloon animal ever was.

Who should read this book?

Everyone. It's brilliant. OK, accepting that I'm a little biased, and that another perfectly valid answer is "Probably no one. Ban it!" I did consider writing one those summaries that ends up on the back cover, where it's hinted at how the main character is 'not what they seem' and how they're 'going on a journey' in which they will learn many important lessons, before eventually being ejaculated into the sunset in a happy ending that would make a massage parlour proud.

Instead I opted to just put the first chapter here online, so you can start reading it, and if you like, download the rest afterwards.

smileyThat's who should read it covered, as to why you should read it... because it's brilliant (so I'm still biased), and it would make me happy.

It is called...

Brenda Donaldson's Chest

(An Epic Catasstrophy on All Parts - With Explosions, Angels, and a Balloon Puppy)


and you can read the first chapter here, or download the whole thing from here.