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Brenda Donaldson's Chest - Reviews

I think what 'proper authors' do is pre-release copies for reviewers. I'm not a 'proper author', I'm someone who writes, who doesn't have any of those kind of connections.

So I gave it to mates and family to get some feedback, and this is what came back:

Below are a few of the comments I did get back:

  • "Brenda Donaldsons chest is effing hilarious. I have read it twice. it is fast paced, difficult to put down and a wonderful comic romp." - Jonathan The Jester (European Jester of the Year 1999)
  • "Finished it this afternoon. Very, very impressed you clever bastard." - My mate Jon.
  • "Very enjoyable read!  I'd say I couldn't put it down, but I was reading it on my computer screen and that thing's a bit heavy to hold over one's face when laying in bed..." - Ryver Stix
  • "your book, for the first time as a life long atheist, gave me the ability to feel what I suspect many monotheists feel for god. It's a powerful feeling." Reginald Tenuously.
  • "I enjoyed the story (but not the swearing). I do wonder what goes on in your mind." - My Mum.

If anyone wants to send me more, please feel free. The chances are I'll add any here that either make me laugh, or massage my ego.